Medical treatments

Our medical treatments                             are based on biological medicine

Only available from May to November.

The growing social awareness of health matters has led to an increase in interest in biological treatments, as these improve our defenses and favour natural healing.

The purpose of biological medicine is that the patient’s own body resolves the imbalance and returns to normal. This healthcare field is not an alternative to traditional medicine, it is complementary. Both types of medicine can employed separately or combined, according to the requirements of each case.

M. Isabel Castro Digón

graduate in medicine and surgery from Barcelona University, qualified in acupuncture at Bejing University and trained in mesotherapy, kinesiology, hydrocolon therapy, anatheoresis, homotoxocology. She specialises in biological medicine and carries out medical consultation in order to prescribe the appropriate treatment for each patient.


Absolute contraindication:

Acute illness and chronic decompensated phases

Relative contraindication: 

Pregnancy (consult doctor)

A half- hour medical visit (€30) is compulsory before receiving any of our medical treatments.



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