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We are a sulphurous thermal water spa located in the Lleida Pyrenees, in a small sub-region between Alt Urgell and Cerdanya called Baridà, in the municipality of Pont de Bar, next to the river Segre.

The seventh generation of the Pal family currently runs this establishment and we make sure to offer you the best stay, always faithful to the values of the hospitality ​​we have inherited.

A little history…


The Hotel Sant Vicenç is in an area where the abundant hot mineral waters have been used by humans since antiquity. There is a reference to mineral baths in a document dated 975 AD. The Pal family, originally from Bescaran and the owners of Mas de Sant Vicenç since the mid-16th century, set up a hostel for people doing the route from La Seu d’Urgell to Puigcerdà, the two most important towns  in the area.

 In 1775 Bartomeu Pal purchased the rights to the thermal waters and turned the hostel into a spa, and later erected a chapel dedicated to the Mare de Déu del Remei (Our Lady of the Good Remedies ) wich is the aspect of the Vingin Mary dedicated to healing.

 One of his descendents, Antoni Pal i Solé, started to build a new building with larger, more modern facilities, which was opened in 1870. It worked as a spa until the beginning of the civil war in 1936, when it was taken over and turned into a hospital.

 At the end of the war, activity was restarted in the old building, which the current Pal family has now turned into a cosy family hotel without loosing its historical character.

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973 384 010
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