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Short treatments 

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Toning back massage
Localized back massage that helps eliminate muscle tension.

Massage for tired legs
Circulatory stimulating massage. Ideal to combine with the application of cold bandages.

Foot reflexology
Stimulation of the reflex points of the foot connected to different parts of the body through the nervous system. It activates metabolic processes and stimulates the immune system.

Thermal peloid – one region                                                                                    Application of a mixture of clay and thermal water with calming effects on rheumatological, dermatological, aesthetic and tired legs processes.

You can choose the peloid that best suits your needs:

Antioxidant – Warm application to the whole body by dermatological processes; psoriasis, eczema, atopic skin and dermatitis and antioxidant processes.

Rheumatology – Very localized hot application for rheumatism, joint pain, rehabilitation, bruises and sprains.

 Antiedematous – Cold localized application recommended to heaviness in the legs, tired legs, edema and swollen legs.

Anti-cellulite – Hot application for orange peel, flabby skin, reducing action. Indicated as a complementary treatment in liposuction, mesotherapy, radiofrequency and LPG

Full treatments 

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Holistic anti-stress massage                                                                                                The combination of different techniques make this massage the most relaxing of our manual treatments.

Massage to relax and relieve muscle tension and pain in general.

Reducing massage 
Massage located on the buttocks, thighs and abdomen with the application of reducing and anti-cellulite products.

Lymphatic drainage  
Technique based on very gentle pressure and pumping maneuvers to improve the regulation of the lymphatic system and relieve the feeling of tired legs.

Reflexologia podal                                                                                                      Estimulació dels punts reflexos del peu connectats amb diferents parts del cos mitjançant el sistema nerviós. Activa els processos metabòlics i estimula el sistema immunitari.

Peeling with Dead Sea salts 
Natural exfoliation to remove dead cells, which has anti-inflammatory, tissue regenerating and emotion-balancing properties

Anti-aging facial treatment 
Rejuvenating and preventive facial treatment for premature aging based on 100% natural products.

Special treatments 

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Hot stone massage 

Technique that combines manual massage with massage with hot volcanic stones. It provides a sedative effect and deep well-being.

Massage with Cadí herbs. 

Massage that is performed with bundles of native plants previously steamed to release all their purifying power.

Spa thecniques  


Mudguard, paraffin, inhaler and cold goods.

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