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Leisure à la carte

The best 20 activities in the area.

To increase your enjoyment of our stay here at the Balneari Sant vicenç we would like to recommend the best attractions of our area. We will share with you some of the best kept secrets of the Alt Urgell, the Cerdanya and the principality of Andorra. Here are 20 suggestions for activities you can enjoy while you are here. Reserve them directly or let our team at reception deal with this for

1. Discover the Baridà countryside

From the ruins of the castel of Aristot there are fabulous views over the Barida countyside. Barida is the name of our local region. While there you can enjoy exploring the narrow streets of this little village and visit the Romanic 12th century church.


2. Arsèguel and the accordions

From the main road you have a beautiful vieuw of this little village, with the peaks of the Cadí as a backdrop. In the village itself take a walk throgh the medieval streets and visit the accordion museum, located the thanks to the annual gathering of accordionists thet tekes place every July.

RECOMMENDATION:  If you like beer, don´t leave Arsèguel without tasting the craft beer El Gall Negre, made by master brewer trained in Munich, made with water that comes directly from the Cadí Mountain and grafted with the authenticity of de Baridà.

3. The only Romanesque cathedral in Catalonia


Right in the historic centre of La Seu d’Urgell is the iconic cathedral Santa Maria d’Urgell. It was built in the 12th century and is the only remaining Romanic cathedral in all Catalunya. The highly decorated cloisters on the south side of the cathedral, are a marvel.

At the Diocesan Museum there is a valuable collection of local religious art.

Strolling around the arcaded streets there is so much to discover. On Carrer dels Canonges there is a building which was the residence of the family of the Papa Luna (Antipope Benedict XIII) and in the main street there are old measures for grain which are the only ones still existing in Catalunya.


4. Traditional markets

The street markets held every Tuesday and Saturday in the historic town centre of La Seu d’Urgell are great places to wander around, chatting with your friends.

Other local markets: Mondays Martinet, Thursdays Bellver, Sundays Puigcerdà and Organyà.



5. Water sports


Let the element of water give you a strong and powerful experience at the Segre Olympic Park in La Seu d’Urgell where you can try rafting, river-boarding and kayaking.


6. On horseback through the Baridà


Marc Giró, a guide with a degree in physical activities in the natural environment, horse riding and hiking, will discover the most beautiful corners of Cadí-Moixeró with his horseback excursions. Do you dare?

7. Traditional mountain meal


Discover the flavours of traditional mountain cookery in the Restaurant La Canal at Bescaran where they serve best local produce.

8. Trekking to Prat de Cadí

Take a walk of under two hours around the village of Estana. There is a marked footpath and the views are some of the best of the Cadi mountain range.

9. Snow shoes

(winter activity)

Rent snowshoes and enjoy a spectacular mountain trail.


10. Nordic and downhill skiing

(activitat d’hivern)
www.cerdanyavirtual.com/estacions-esqui-cerdanya.htm / www.skiandorra.ad

Enjoy a day skiing in the resorts of Alt Urgell, La Cerdanya, Andorra or South France.

11. Our favorite artisan cheese

It’s called BARIDÀ and you’ll find it in Bar. Francesc Buscallà makes it with the raw milk of the 130 alpine goats that he himself takes care of. Because goats feed on the natural pastures that surround the village, the texture and taste of the cheese varies throughout the year as does the type of vegetation. In spring it is mild, in summer cured and in autumn and winter more powerful.

Contact Francesc if you want to visit his workshop 973 384060

Discover other cheese shops in the region at www.turismeseu.com

12. Majestic Cadí Mountain

We highly recommend this fantastic excursion to do a 3 and a half hour walk from the town of Montella to Prat Aguilo on the north side of Cadi (2463m) amidst stunning scenery and mountain meadows.

 You also have the option to go there in a 4×4 vehicle on forest tracks from Montella (15km) Be sure to stay and eat at the Shelter.

13. Martinet and the secret bunkers


During the forties, in the Pyrenees, an impressive line of defence bunkers were built that have long been wrapped in military secrecy. It was a well-kept secret and then later forgotten. Now in the Park of Bunkers of Martinet and Montella, the public can visit some of these reinforced concrete fortifications – veritable fortresses of the twentieth century which are now ready and prepared for viewing in the context of very different cultural and touristic times.


14. The best mountain guide

Albert de Gràcia is a meteorologist and mountain guide of reference in the Lleida Pyrenees. If you hire him, he will not disappoint you, he will discover the most beautiful places in the region, you will learn a little geology and you will refine the technique of Nordic walking. An activity 100% recommended if you want to know the Baridà from the hand of a great connoisseur of our territory.

Our favorite outing: Nordic walk from Ansovell to the Boscalt. Find out!




15. Picnic on a lake

(spring, summer, automme activity) 

Two simple trips with 30min walks you can do with the family:

  •  Pera Lakes (altitude:2.320 m., Distance from the hotel: 39 km.)
  •  Meranges lake (altitude: 2,250 m., Distance from the hotel: 46 km.)

We can prepare you a picnic to eat on the shores of the lake.

16. Stately Puigcerdà


You can park easily at the train station and take the elevator up to the lively commercial centre of the town. Take a walk around the lake area where wealthy families in the second half of the nineteenth century built their spectacular summer homes.



17. Dinners in the snow

(winter activity)


Experience a night in the snow going up the ski slopes of Arinsal in Andorra with rackets or skis (if you prefer you can go up in a special motorized vehicle) and eat fondue at the Cheese’s Art Restaurant.

18. Museum Casa Rull


Imagine visiting Andorra in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and experiencing how you would have lived at that time, when the cultivation of the land and the farm were the economic base of rural Andorran society. Casa Rull was one of the most important houses in the parish of La Massana. Under its roof lived heirs and heiresses, lords and ladies, butlers and maids.

19. The yellow train


For almost 90 years the Yellow Train has been the true symbol of the Catalan region in France. It links the towns of La Tour de Carol (1231 mts) and Villefranche de Conflent (724 mts). The whole journey (63km) lasts 3 hours but you can also just do half of the route.

20. Fly in a balloon through La Cerdanya


Look out from the air at the beauty of our countryside and enjoy spectacular views of the majestic mountains surrounding the valley

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