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Gifts vouchers

Birthday present, love gift, present for a friend, wedding gift, christmas present, a gift for yourself…

Choose from these 14 gifts the one that best suits the needs of the beneficiaries and your budget.

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Thermal bath

For those who value the authenticity and richneess of thermal water. A bath without bubbles or artifices. Only 100% thermal water as it emerges from the spring.  Ideal for hikers or skiers after an intense day of sports,  people with skin or rheumatic pathologies, families, friends or couples in love. A simple but authentic and original gift.

Single bath //28€   Price online  25€  
Double bath // 38€   Price online  35€  
Family bath // 53€   Price online  50€  

Spa circuit

Seven step, Two hour circuit that includes; exfoliating shower with rosemary soap, indoor thermal pool, dry sauna, ice room, steam room, footbath room and rest room

1 person // 38   Price online  35€  
2 people // 73€   Price online  70€  

Spa circuit & meal

Combining well-being and gastronomy is a choice that always works. The beneficiaries of this gift will enjoy a pleasant thermal experience and a menu prepared with seasonal and local products in our restaurant.

1 person // 69€   Price online  66€  
2 people // 135€   Price online  132€ 

Full cure

  • Access to the thermal circuit
  • Full treatment to choose
  • Lunch or dinner in our restaurant with a glass of wine and coffee or infusion.

1 person // 125€   Price online  122€  
2 people // 247€   Price online  244€ 

Meal in our restaurant

We all like to enjoy lunch or dinner in good company, personalized attention and a pleasant atmosphere. Our menu changes daily and consists of a small appetizer to start, three starters, three second courses and several desserts to choose from. We can accommodate possible dietary restrictions as long as you notify us in advance of arrival. our restaurant. Drinks not included.

One person //37€   Price online 34€ 
Two people  //71€   Price online 68€ 

Spa circuit & Cheeses

Access to the thermal circuit and tasting of a table of 7 artisan cheeses from the Pyrenees and a glass of wine from the DO Costers del Segre.

1 person //53€   Price online  50€  
2 people //103€   Price online  100€  

Silk skin

Access to the thermal bath. We will provide you with a glove and soap so that you can take advantage of the exfoliating power of the sulphurous water and self-peel. Then we will apply a peloid (mixture of clay with sulfur water) all over your body, on a comfortable bed of water. Before you leave, we will offer you a fresh fruit smoothie at the terrace.

1 person //92€   Price online  89€  
2 people //151€   Price online  148€  

Ten thermal bathes

10 tubs of sulfur water, with all is purity, without additives, emerging from the thermal springs. Give it as a gift to anyone who needs pain relief, improved skin condition or relaxation.

1 person single bath // 203€   Price online  200€  
2 people double bath // 283€   Price online 280€ 

1 Discover night

  • 1 night accommodation in a double room with river views . 
  • Dinner menu in our restaurant
  • Buffet breakfast the next day
  • Access to the thermal circuit

1 Person single room// 193€   Price online  190€  
2 people double room // 253€   Price online  250€ 

1 anti-stress night

  • 1 night accomodation in a double room with river views
  • Dinner menu in our Restaurant
  • Buffet breakfast the next day
  • Access to the thermal circuit
  • 1 thermal bath
  • 1 60′ anti-stress massage

1 Person single room // 253€   Price online   250€  

2 People double room //388€   Price online  385€ 

2 discover night deal

  • 2 nights accommodation in a double room with river views
  • 2 Dinner menu in our restaurant (water only included)
  • 2 Buffet breakfast
  • 1 Access to the thermal circuit 1 thermal bath
  • 1 60 ’treatment to choose from

1 Person single room// 378€   Price online  375€  
2 People double room // 549€   Price online 546€ 

2 anti-stress night deal

  • 2 nights in a double room with a river view Half Board
  • 2 dinners and 2 breakfasts (water only)
  • 1 Access to the thermal circuit
  • 1 50′ anti-stress massage + 1 Facial mask
  • 1 thermal bath
  • 1 60′ body mud wrap

1 Person single room //418€    Price online  415€  
2 People double room // 633€   Price online  630€ 

Terms of use for gift vouchers

  • Gift vouchers are open. Beneficiaries of the gift voucher choose the date on which they want to enjoy the gift upon reservation within the period established in the validity of the gift.
  • They are valid for 1 year from the date of issue

  • They are registered with an essential reference number for the subsequent confirmation of the reservation (the beneficiaries must mention them to formalize the reservation of the gift)

  • Under no circumstances will the unused gifts or the services of the voucher that the beneficiary renounces be paid for, nor will changes be made.

  • All gifts include a towel, slippers and a bathing cap.

  • Gift vouchers with accommodation are valued for enjoying the weekend. If the guests use the gift during the week (outside of high season periods) we will compensate them with a voucher for drinks in the restaurant or cafeteria.

Once the payment has been made, you will received two e-mails; One with the payement confirmation and another one with the gift voucher in printable format so that you can print it and offer it to its beneficiaries. 

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